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This is not intended to be an exhaustive list; however, it will be helpful in discerning where to search for assistance during the inquiry or when publishing outcomes. To access Web information, simply copy and paste the title into your preferred search engine.

Social Work Abstracts. Quarterly. Abstracts from journals of social work under social policy and action, service methods, fields of service, the social work profession, history of social work, and related fields in the social sciences.

Abstracts of Hospital Management Studies. Quarterly. International abstracts of studies on management, planning, and public policy related to healthcare delivery.

Ageline. Produced by American Association for Retired Persons. More than 16,500 documents on all aspects of gerontology. Bimonthly updates.

Bibliography of Bioethics. Since 1975, covers English-language literature on ethical issues related to health care. Includes journals, court decisions, government documents, audiovisuals, newspapers, and books. Published annually.

Biological Abstracts. Semimonthly. International abstracts of periodicals including behavioral sciences, bioinstrumentation, environmental biology, genetics, nutrition, and public health.

Child Development Abstracts. Three times per year. Abstracts of articles and books in a wide variety of fields as they relate to infancy and child development.

Combined Health Information Database. Produced by National Institutes of Health. More than 24,000 documents combining four health-related databases: arthritis, diabetes, health education, and digestive diseases. Quarterly updates.

Compendex. Produced by Engineering Information Inc. More than 1,102,100 documents on all aspects of engineering and technology including rehabilitation engineering. Monthly updates.

Cumulative Index to Nursing and Allied Health Literature (CINAHL). Print version from 1956 to present; online version from 1982 to present. Indexes all major nursing journals and over 125 allied health journals, plus book reviews, pamphlets, films, and recordings. Bimonthly updates.

Current Index to Journals in Education (CIJE). Paper abstracts of education-related journals by subject, author, and journal content. Usually used in conjunction with RIE and ECER; these three form the online version, ERIC.

Dissertation Abstracts International. Comprehensive paper abstracts of dissertations by title, author, and subject. Volumes divided into sciences or engineering and humanities or social sciences.

DSH Abstracts. Quarterly from Deafness, Speech and Hearing Publications, Inc., Gallaudet College, Washington, DC. Abstracts articles related to hearing, hearing disorders, speech, and speech disorders. Includes foreign journals. Education Index. From 1932 to the present. Indexes articles from educational periodicals, conference proceedings, and yearbooks.

ERIC (Educational Resources Information Center). Produced by Council for Exceptional Children. More than 589,000 documents on special education materials. Monthly updates. Compilation of paper indexes: RIE, CUE, and ECER.

Exceptional Child Educational Resources (ECER). Abstracts education materials related to children with special needs, by subject and author. Usually used in conjunction with RIE and CUE; these three form the online version, ...

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