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This section encompasses a compilation of reference words most often used in the health care system. They will be greatly useful in many instances when or where the health care worker needs a particular word or phrase to fully translate a complicated concept.

This section will also be an extra aid in various scenarios where prior chapters might not contain the necessary words for which the health care worker is looking.

Despite every attempt to format questions in a yes/no format, certain questions will arise that necessitate qualitative, quantitative or time-dependent answers. This chapter includes a wealth of useful words and phrases that will assist the provider in navigating questions involving numbers, days, colors, anatomy, etc.

While it is possible to flip to this chapter when necessary, it is probably not the most time-efficient method for the busy health care provider. Memorizing some common numbers, days, time-related words, and simple interrogatives in the beginning will greatly assist the provider with many of the clinical questions in later chapters.


Introductory Phrases: Frases Preliminares

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Hello, my name is …

Hola, me llamo …

Hola, mi nombre es

I am …

Yo soy un/una …

  • a physician assistant/nurse practitioner.

  • asistente de doctor/enfermera profesional.

asistente de doctor/enfermera especializada.

    • the nurse for Dr. _______.

    • la enfermera del Doctor _______.

    • the medical assistant.

    • el asistente de médico.

    • the radiology technician.

    • el tecnòlogo radiológico.

    • the receptionist.

    • la recepcionista.

    • the office manager.

    • la gerente de oficina.

    • the lab technician.

    • el técnico de laboratorios.

Do you speak English?

¿Habla usted inglés?

How may I help you?

¿Como lo puedo ayudar?

Repeat please.

¿Repita por favor?

Slowly, please.

Despacio, por favor.

I do not understand.

No entiendo

Do you understand?

¿Usted entiende?

Say yes, no, or I don’t know.

Diga si, no o no se.

Good morning/afternoon/evening.

Buenos días/buenas tardes/buenas noches.

I speak very little Spanish.

Yo hablo un poco de español.

Yo hablo un poquito de español.

I do not speak Spanish.

Yo no hablo español.

Do you speak English?

¿Usted habla Inglés?

Is there someone with you that speaks English?

¿Hay alguien con usted que habla Inglés?

Please use English as much as possible.

Por favor use Inglés lo más posible.

Por favor hable Inglés lo más posible.

I am learning to speak Spanish.

Yo estoy aprendiendo español.

How do you say ______ in Spanish?

¿Como se dice ______ en español?

I am going to get someone that speaks Spanish.

Voy a buscar a alguien que habla español.

What is your name?

¿Cuál es su nombre?

¿Como se llama?

Pleased to meet you.

Gusto en conocerle.

Mucho gusto en conocerle.

Thank you.


You are welcome.

De nada.

Simple Interrogatives

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