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Task 1: Optimize patient outcomes by developing, evaluating, and updating the plan of care.

1. You are working with a patient with acute back pain and researching the efficacy of various interventions. You review a study on the use of acute lumbopelvic manipulation to relieve acute low back pain. The reference article has a Level II validation. What does this imply about this treatment intervention?

A. The study is prospective in nature using a variety of patients and clinicians to evaluate impact on clinical practice. Clinicians can use the results in a variety of settings with confidence that it will improve patient outcomes.

B. The study is prospective in nature with a variety of patients and clinicians, and the intervention can be used with confidence in a variety of settings.

C. The study is prospective in nature and uses similar patients and clinicians. The results are best used in settings similar to those in the research.

D. The study is retrospective in nature or is a new original research project. The results should not be used exclusively until further validation can be conducted.

2. An athlete has sustained a hamstring strain. Which of the following physiological events indicates the fibroblastic repair phase of the healing process for this injury?

A. Immediate vasoconstriction followed by reflex vasodilation, stagnation, and stasis

B. Formation of an insoluble fibrin clot and phagocytosis

C. Synthesis of intracellular matrix and formation of granulation tissue

D. Formation of fibroblasts, decrease in type III collagen fiber, and increase in type I collagen fibers

E. Conversion of prothrombin to thrombin and production of collagen fibers

3. Which of the following physiological responses is most associated with the inflammatory phase of the healing process?

A. Histamines are released from the leukocytes causing vasodilation and decreased cell permeability.

B. Cytokines are responsible for margination of the leukocytes along the cell walls.

C. Fibroblasts synthesize an intercellular matrix.

D. Leukocytes phagocytize most of the foreign debris in the area subsequent to clot formation.

E. Granulation tissue occurs with the breakdown of the fibrin clot.

4. An Amateur Athletic Union basketball player is completing a rehabilitation program to address his ...

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