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Task 1: Identify risk factors by administering assessment, preparticipation examination, and other screening instruments and reviewing individual and group history and injury surveillance data.

1. Which of the following is considered an intrinsic risk factor?

A. Being a female high school athlete

B. Practicing when the temperature is 85°F and the humidity is 85%

C. Running on a cross country wooded trail

D. Using an inflatable bladder football helmet

E. Participating in a contact sport

2. Osteoporosis is a condition that predominantly affects older women. Which of the following prevention strategies would provide the most significant impact?

A. Moderate swimming and increased vitamin C intake

B. Weight-bearing activities and increased calcium intake

C. Maintaining 10% body fat and using a minimal-resistance stationary bike

D. Increased electrolytes and use of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medication

E. Avoidance of physical activity and dairy products

3. An athlete demonstrates limited passive dorsiflexion at the preparticipation screening. Which of the following factors is most likely restricting this motion?

A. Strength of the posterior tibialis muscle

B. Strength of the peroneal muscles

C. Flexibility of the toe extensor muscles

D. Flexibility of the Achilles tendon complex

E. Strength of the anterior tibialis muscle

4. You are the athletic trainer at a high school that sponsors 22 sports. There are approximately 500 athletes. For this high school, which preparticipation examination format is the most effective and efficient?

A. Provide a station-based examination with the assistance of multiple medical and health-care professionals before the start of each sport season (i.e., fall, winter, spring).

B. Provide individual examinations with the assistance of five family practice physicians stationed in individual examination rooms.

C. Provide a station-based examination with the assistance of multiple medical and health-care professionals in the summer before the start of the school year.

D. During the summer months, schedule individual appointments for each athlete with the team physician.

E. Require each athlete to obtain on his ...

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