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The progression into this 7th edition would not be possible without the continued support of our loyal users including faculty, students, and clinicians. Many thanks are due to the special people at F.A. Davis who have continued to support this text over its many years: Jennifer Pine, Margaret Biblis, George Lang, and Julie Chase. Thank you to University of Indianapolis students Carissa Dilk for new photos throughout, Tessa Krempel for new art in Chapter 4, Ben Hodges for attention to detail, and current students or alumni Derek Mallory, Ben Hodges, Takumi Usui, Daniel Batteiger, Brooke VerSteeg, Allison Colligan, and Austin Biefnes for their participation in photos. Thank you to Stockton University PT students Mahogany Reevey for participating in photos for Chapter 6 and Nathan Roberts for assisting on Chapter 16. And finally, but never last, thank you to all the contributors to this edition who continue to share their expertise and passion. Without these contributors, this text would not be possible.

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