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Chapter 13: Skeletal and Muscular Systems

Which of the following conditions is caused by compression of the median nerve, resulting in pain or numbness in the wrist, hand, and fingers?

a. herniated disc

b. myasthenia gravis

c. gout

d. carpal tunnel syndrome

Which of the following conditions is an autoimmune motor disorder that causes progressive muscle fatigue and weakness?

a. myasthenia gravis

b. gout

c. carpal tunnel syndrome

d. kyphosis

Martha Snyder has been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. She most likely has which of the following complaints?

a. arthralgia

b. osteopenia

c. arthrocentesis

d. arthoclasia

The application of cold, such as with ice compresses, to decrease inflammation and pain is known as:

a. arthrography

b. cryotherapy

c. dual-energy absorptiometry

d. transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation

Ilka Heidrick has myasthenia gravis. Which of the following is she most likely to experience?

a. increased energy level after exercise

b. progressive dementia

c. arthralgia

d. progressive fatigue

Which of the following terms means treatment (using) movement?

a. kinesiotherapy

b. kyphoplasty

c. tarsokinesia

d. tetrakinesis

Which of the following terms means abnormal condition of a backward bend in the vertebrae?

a. stenosis

b. spondylosis

c. kyphosis

d. lordosis

Which of the following terms means drooping or prolapse of the tarsus?

a. dystocia

b. tarsomegaly

c. thoracopexy


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