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Chapter 11: Reproductive System

Ms. Andretti came to the clinic today complaining of severe menstrual pain and cramping. Which of the following medical terms best describes her complaint?

a. menostasis

b. vaginodynia

c. dysmenorrhea

d. cervicitis

Mrs. Ramirez had a painful ovarian cyst on her left side. The ovary and the cyst were surgically removed through her lower abdomen with a small endoscope. The proper name for this procedure is a:

a. laparoscopic oophorectomy

b. colposcopic oophoretomy

c. vaginoscopic salpingo-oophorectomy

d. laparoscopic hysterectomy

Mr. Smyth had to be circumcised as a result of chronic balanitis. He had:

a. a continual prostate infection

b. constant inflammation of his testes

c. constant inflammation of his glans penis

d. continual pain of his vas deferens

Mrs. Brown is 6 months pregnant and sees her physician each month for care. This type of care is known as:

a. prenatal care

b. perinatal care

c. postnatal care

d. circumnatal care

Which of the following combining forms does not mean testis?

a. test/o

b. orchi/o

c. orchid/o

d. oophor/o

The term android means:

a. resembling female

b. resembling amnion

c. resembling male

d. none of these

The term salpingolysis means:

a. process of recording sound

b. pertaining to the destruction of sperm

c. destruction of a tube

d. none of these

The term uteropexy means:

a. surgical fixation of the uterus


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