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Chapter 10: Urinary System

During her annual health check with her nurse practitioner, Mrs. Tran states that she has recently been experiencing involuntary leakage of urine when she laughs, coughs, or sneezes. Her symptoms are most consistent with which of the following disorders?

a. enuresis

b. polyuria

c. stress incontinence

d. nocturia

Mrs. Fernandez tells her physician that she has been having pain in her abdomen and lower pelvic area. To gather further information, the physician orders a KUB, an x-ray procedure that specifically looks at the:

a. kidney, uterus, and bowel

b. kidney stones, urine, and blood

c. kyphosis, uremia, and bones

d. kidney, ureter, and bladder

Ms. Johansen has had chronic complaints of frequency, urgency, dysuria, and intermittent low-back and pelvic pain. She was initially treated with antibiotics for a presumed urinary tract infection (UTI), without any relief. A cystoscopy reveals that she has chronic inflammation of her bladder lining. This is most consistent with which of the following diagnoses?

a. urinary retention

b. interstitial cystitis

c. interstitial nephritis

d. uremia

Which of the following terms means involuntary urination during sleep?

a. enuresis

b. diuresis

c. glycosuria

d. uremia

A patient with which of the following conditions will typically complain of pain?

a. neurogenic bladder

b. renal colic

c. diuresis

d. enuresis

Which of the following conditions involves inflammation or infection?

a. bacterial cystitis

b. pyelonephritis

c. glomerulonephritis

d. all of these

Which of the following conditions involves a disruption in urine flow?

a. glomerulonephritis

b. phimosis


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