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Chapter 9: Digestive System

Mr. Green is a 63-year-old man with heartburn (GERD). When it flares up, he experiences:

a. gastromegaly

b. esophagostenosis

c. esophagodynia

d. gastromalacia

Mr. Smith, a 36-year-old man, has come to the clinic complaining of symptoms that are consistent with heartburn (GERD). Which of the following will accurately diagnose this condition?

a. laparoscopy

b. upper endoscopy

c. esophagectomy

d. enteropathy

Ms. Diaz is a 47-year-old woman with a bowel obstruction caused by a portion of her bowel twisting upon itself. This condition is known as:

a. intussusception

b. ulcerative colitis

c. volvulus

d. cirrhosis

Which of the following combining forms is not related to a part of the small intestine?

a. duoden/o

b. jujen/o

c. colon/o

d. ile/o

To obtain multiple three-dimensional images of a body structure, the physician will order:

a. a barium swallow

b. a CT scan

c. an ERCP

d. a UGI

Mr. Washington, a 27-year-old man, has a sore throat caused by inflammation. Which of the following is the correct medical term for this condition?

a. pharyngitis

b. pharyngopathy

c. colitis

d. stomatitis

Which of the following terms means bad, difficult, or painful swallowing?

a. dyspepsia

b. dysphagia

c. dysphasia

d. dyspnea

Which of the following tests most accurately detects the cause of gastric ulcers?

a. Gastroccult

b. H. pylori test


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