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Chapter 8: Respiratory System

A coarse, gurgling sound heard with a stethoscope in the lungs, caused by secretions in the air passages, is known as:

a. crackles

b. stridor

c. rhonchi

d. wheezes

Which of the following tests provides an indirect measure of the level of arterial-blood oxygen saturation?

a. pulse oximetry

b. arterial blood gases

c. vital capacity

d. sputum analysis

Which of the following terms indicates a condition of low oxygen?

a. apnea

b. hypoxia

c. dyspnea

d. eupnea

Which of the following terms means mouthlike opening in the trachea?

a. tracheotomy

b. tracheotome

c. tracheostomy

d. tracheoscopy

Mrs. Yachinich sleeps propped up on three pillows so she can breathe better. Which of the following terms best describes this condition?

a. orthopnea

b. aerophagia

c. pneumonitis

d. aerophobia

Which of the following combining forms is matched with the correct definition?

a. coni/o: dust

b. chondr/o: cancer

c. phon/o: pharynx

d. spir/o: sinus

All of the following combining forms are matched with the correct definition except:

a. chondr/o: cartilage

b. rhin/o: nose

c. stomat/o: mouth

d. pleur/o: lung

Which of the following is related to coryza?

a. CWP

b. URI

c. AFB


Which of the following ...

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