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Chapter 5: Nervous System

Mrs. Fritz was hospitalized with a CVA. She is currently comatose and unresponsive. To determine whether she still has meaningful brain activity, the physician will most likely order:

a. an EMG

b. an LP

c. a CFS

d. an EEG

Ms. Yee sustained a TIA. Because of this, she currently has diminished sensation and movement on only the right side of her body. Ms. Yee is experiencing:

a. quadriplegia

b. aphasia

c. hemiplegia

d. quadriparalysis

Mr. Stutzman is recovering from a stroke but still has difficulty speaking. The proper term for this is:

a. dysphasia

b. dysphagia

c. dysphonia

d. aphagia

Mrs. Villanueva is recovering from a CVA but is still struggling with swallowing. The proper term for this is:

a. dysphasia

b. dysphoria

c. euphagia

d. dysphagia

Mr. Washington was brought to the emergency department with a high fever, confusion, and a headache. The physician wants to obtain a specimen of cerebrospinal fluid to study it for the presence of blood, bacteria, or other abnormalities. What procedure is the physician most likely to perform?

a. MRI

b. LP

c. EMG

d. CT

Which disorder is caused by lesions or abnormalities of the brain arising in the early stages of development?

a. ALS

b. Bell’s palsy

c. Huntington’s disease

d. cerebral palsy

Which of the following causes progressive confusion?

a. delirium

b. dementia

c. TIA

d. cerebral concussion

Which of the ...

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