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Chapter 4: Integumentary System

Which of the following terms means abnormal condition of nail softening?

a. Cyanoderma

b. Onychomycosis

c. Hyperhidrosis

d. None of these

The term rhytidoplasty means:

a. Examination of the nasal passages

b. Abnormal condition of excessive wrinkles

c. Plastic surgery of the nose

d. Elimination of wrinkles by plastic surgery

A patient is most likely to visit a dermatologist to undergo dermaplaning for which of the following disorders?

a. Acne

b. Alopecia areata

c. Carbuncle

d. Cyst

Which of the following is a malignant condition?

a. Actinic keratosis

b. Bulla

c. Folliculitis

d. Basal cell carcinoma

Which of the following is the result of accidental injury?

a. Callus

b. Melasma

c. Paronychia

d. Abrasion

All the following skin problems are related to excess pressure except:

a. Corn

b. Callus

c. Fissure

d. Decubitus ulcer

All the following are infections of the skin except:

a. Petechiae

b. Furuncle

c. Impetigo

d. Pustule

All the following procedures involve removal of tissue except:

a. Biopsy

b. Dermaplaning

c. Dermabrasion

d. Botox

Which of the following helps to remove fine lines or wrinkles?

a. Laser resurfacing


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