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Chapter 2: Medical Word Elements

The prefixes hemi- and semi- mean:

a. both, both sides

b. twice, two, double

c. half

d. whole

Which of the following prefixes means bad or inadequate?

a. mal-

b. eu-

c. tox-

d. auto-

The prefix auto- means:

a. new

b. poison

c. self

d. none of these

The suffix -pexy means:

a. widening, stretching, expanding

b. surgical fixation

c. surgical puncture

d. measurement

All of the following suffixes mean pertaining to except:

a. -ar

b. -ory

c. -itis

d. -tic

All of the following prefixes mean without, not, or absence of except:

a. an-

b. in-

c. uni-

d. a-

Which of the following prefixes means all?

a. pan-

b. ambi-

c. multi-

d. micro-

The prefix di- means:

a. diagonal

b. diagram

c. dilate

d. none of these

The prefixes a-, an-, and in- all mean:

a. both, double

b. without, not, of

c. many, much

d. none of these

Which of the following ...

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