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Chapter 1: Learning Styles

Colors, tables, and live demonstrations all appeal to which type of learners?

a. Visual

b. Auditory

c. Kinesthetic

d. Verbal

Visual learners are most likely to make which of the following statements?

a. “That sounds like an experience I had.”

b. “This doesn’t feel right to me.”

c. “I see what you mean.”

d. “Let’s cooperate on this project.”

Which of the following is the best example of an auditory way to get information?

a. Reviewing flash cards

b. Watching a PowerPoint presentation

c. Listening to a lecture

d. Asking a question

Jonathon loves music and is always humming, whistling, or singing something. In a recent conversation, he told his friend, “I hear you loud and clear.” Jonathon is most likely:

a. A visual learner

b. A social learner

c. An auditory learner

d. A kinesthetic learner

Brian fidgets in the classroom and struggles to get through lectures, yet when he is in the laboratory, he does very well and enjoys learning. His dominant learning style is most likely:

a. Auditory

b. Solitary

c. Kinesthetic

d. Verbal

Which of the following is an example of an acronym?

a. “I before E except after C”

b. FAQ - frequently asked questions

c. The alphabet (ABCs) song

d. “On Old Olympus’ Tower Tops, A Finn And German Viewed Some Hops.”

All of the following statements are true regarding analytical learners except:

a. They are sometimes called holistic learners.

b. They like to take a methodical approach to studying.


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