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Chapter 6: Preparation for the Certification Examination

According to the Inter-Association Taskforce for Preventing Sudden Death in Collegiate Conditioning Sessions: Best Practice Recommendations, which of the following statements correctly characterizes the role of the strength and conditioning coach in providing medical care during conditioning sessions?

A. The strength and conditioning coach should defer all medical care to the athletic trainer, who is required to be present during all conditioning sessions.

B. The strength and conditioning coach should be able to recognize that an athlete is in acute distress and notify the athletic trainer immediately.

C. The strength and conditioning coach should be able to administer cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), apply an automated external defibrillator (AED), and activate an emergency action plan.

D. The strength and conditioning coach should be given full access to an athlete’s medical records in order to evaluate which athletes are at risk for a medical emergency during conditioning sessions.

C; Domain I, Task 2, Question Level: R

An athlete’s blood work comes back from the laboratory indicating (+) Epstein-Barr virus. What care is dictated by this laboratory result?

A. The athlete should be started on an antiviral medication and be instructed on increasing protein and fluid intake.

B. The athlete should be inspected for the presence of any herpetic lesions, which should be covered to prevent transmission.

C. Mononucleosis should be ruled out using a monospot test, and appropriate precautions should be taken in the interim.

D. The athlete should be started on an antibiotic medication for strep throat and treated symptomatically for headache, fever, and malaise.

E. Acute hepatitis should be ruled out using abdominal ultrasound, and the athlete should be withheld from all activity pending test results.

C; Domain IV, Task 6, Question Level: R

An athletic trainer has determined that a student athlete would benefit from referral for evaluation and diagnosis of signs and symptoms that appear to be consistent with a mental health condition that is outside the scope of the athletic trainer’s practice. Which health-care provider would be the most appropriate referral if a clinical diagnosis and treatment are required?

A. Clinical social worker

B. Licensed counselor

C. Clinical psychologist

D. Psychiatric nurse

C; Domain III, Task 4, Question ...

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