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Chapter 13: Natural and Ergogenic Supplements

What is a "nutraceutical"?

A. A nutrition store

B. A prescribed medication

C. Nutritional counseling

D. A nutritional supplement

The DHSEA essentially provides for:

A. Supplement purity

B. Supplements for underprivileged children in schools

C. Unrestricted access to food supplements

D. Athlete supplementation freedom

Supplement manufacturers are not allowed to state which of the following?

A. That a supplement will prevent cancer

B. That a supplement will decrease the chance of getting skin cancer

C. That a supplement will work as a "tanning pill"

D. That a supplement will cure depression

What nutraceutical was taken off the market because it was dangerous to human health and then put back on the market as a result of the passage of the DHSEA law in 1994?


B. St. John's wort

C. Echinacea

D. Ginkgo biloba

Natural supplements will not cause any harm to the body.

A. True

B. False

General drug toxic levels are increased in which population when supplements are used?

A. Women

B. Men

C. Children

D. Athletes

What extra product is included in most "energy" drinks?

A. Carbohydrate

B. Caffeine

C. Sodium

D. Water

Carbohydrate loading is most beneficial to which type of athlete?

A. Endurance

B. Sprint

C. Water sports

D. Female


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