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Chapter 11: Muscle-Building Agents Used in Sports

An ergogenic substance is something that has:

A. A genetic beginning

B. Eggs in the supplement

C. The ability to increase exercise output

D. To be injected into the body

Steroid use has been traced to which of the following athletic populations?

A. High school

B. College

C. Professional

D. All of the above

Only males produce testosterone.



The term endogenous means:

A. Originating within the organism

B. Contains eggs in the supplement

C. Will increase work output

D. Has a genetic ending

Irreversible adverse effects of steroids in females include:

A. Increased foot size

B. Increased acne

C. Masculinizing effects

D. Sterility

When an athlete is simultaneously using multiple types of steroids in high doses, the athlete is said to be:

A. Injecting

B. Stacking

C. Maximizing

D. Producing

By using high doses of AAS, an athlete will definitely experience:

A. Adverse side effects

B. Faster running speeds

C. More wins in their sport

D. Stronger muscles

Which of the following AAS are least affected by first-pass metabolism?

A. Androgenic

B. Oral

C. Anabolic

D. Injected

HGH is now mainly available from what source?

A. Human cadavers


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