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Chapter 13. Nutrition Across the Life Cycle

Jacqueline and Jonathan are 10-year-old identical twins. Which of the following statements is most accurate about the twins’ rate of growth throughout their teenage years?

A. Jacqueline will reach her maximum growth height before Jonathan.

B. Jonathan will reach his maximum growth height before Jacqueline.

C. Jacqueline’s growth spurt will start in about 3.5 years.

D. Jonathan’s growth spurt has most likely already begun.

Which of the following types of high-level, elite athletes is at the highest risk for suffering from growth delays?

A. Female rowers

B. Male wrestlers

C. Male gymnasts

D. Female track and field athletes

Which of the following youth groups has shown a continued increase in the rate of obesity, while other groups have shown stabilization in the obesity rate in recent years?

A. Adolescent females

B. Preadolescent males

C. Teenage females

D. Teenage males

Ryder is a moderately active child who participates in physical activities such as soccer, gymnastics, and skateboarding most days of the week. How many additional daily calories does Ryder need to consume above those recommended for sedentary children to maintain his active lifestyle?

A. 50 calories

B. 100 calories

C. 150 calories

D. 200 calories

Which of the following statements is true regarding optimum hydration in youth athletes?

A. Children innately have a poor ability to regulate body temperature.

B. Thirst is generally a good guide in determining fluid intake.

C. Sports drinks for the average child engaged in routine physical activity are recommended.

D. Energy drinks are appropriate for children older than 12 years of age.

Dianne is nearing the end of her first trimester of her first pregnancy. She often feels lightheaded and dizzy and is concerned that these symptoms could be abnormal. Her physician assures her that what she is experiencing is the result of a normal pregnancy-related ...

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