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Task 1: Evaluate organizational, personal, and stakeholder outcomes.

1. Which of the following methods would allow a sports medicine staff to evaluate the effectiveness of their anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) rehabilitation protocol over the past 5 years?

A. Internal chart audit

B. Statistical injury summary

C. Client survey

D. Critical incident report

2. Which type of program evaluation involves identifying possible problems, discussing areas of strengths and weaknesses, and evaluating progress toward meeting the objectives of the program?

A. Summative evaluation

B. Formative evaluation

C. Criteria-oriented evaluation

D. Outcome assessment evaluation

3. Which of the following tools would provide practitioners with summary statements of evidence-based information to guide choices on appropriate care of specific conditions?

A. Outcome assessment measures

B. Summative evaluation statements

C. Clinical practice guidelines

D. Randomized clinical trials

4. When conducting a literature search for evidence related to anterior shoulder dislocations in the adolescent population, which of the following demonstrates the best use of Boolean operators to provide a comprehensive list of related articles?

A. Anterior shoulder dislocation IN adolescent athletes

B. Anterior shoulder dislocation NOT adults

C. Anterior shoulder dislocation in adolescent OR pediatric athletes

D. Anterior shoulder dislocation in adolescents AND youth AND children

5. The Sports Medicine Program where you work recently developed a new protocol for triaging patients. After their appointment, each patient is asked to complete a five-question pencil-and-paper questionnaire to determine his or her level of satisfaction with the new triaging protocol. What process can you use to determine reliability of the questionnaire you are using to assess your new triage protocol?

A. Determine the interrater reliability by asking patients to complete the questionnaire twice, both times administered by the same office worker.

B. Determine intrasession reliability by asking patients to complete the questionnaire immediately after their appointment and then again 30 minutes later.

C. Determine intrarater reliability by having patients complete the ...

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