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As discussed in previous chapters, the Board of Certification (BOC) athletic trainer certification examination contains a combination of 175 scored and unscored items including stand-alone multiple-choice questions, stand-alone alternative items, and focused testlets. In Chapter 4, you learned about the structure and types of multiple-choice questions. Additionally, Chapter 4 provided strategies for approaching multiple-choice questions along with various ways you can use the sample multiple-choice questions provided in this text to prepare for your BOC examination. This chapter focuses on the alternative question types—multi-select, drag-and-drop, and hot-spot—that are used on the BOC examination in addition to multiple-choice questions. Table 5-1 presents a detailed description of each of the three question types discussed in this chapter.

TABLE 5-1.Stand-Alone Alternative Question Types


Regardless of question type, all questions will be presented using the computer interface and its navigation tools as described in Chapter 3. Each question will include a stem and associated answer options. The item stem is the specific question to be answered and may include supplemental information, such as a scenario, table, or image. The question stem may also include instructions for answering, such as “choose only one” or “choose all that apply.” Some question types may provide additional instructions for answering the question, such as directions for matching conditions to signs and symptoms; directions for identifying areas or regions on an image; and directions for using toolbar tools, drop boxes, and your keyboard mouse.

Multi-Select Questions

Multi-select questions, similar to multiple-choice questions, include a problem scenario, a question, and a selection statement. However, the selection statement for a multi-select question differs in that you will be instructed to choose all response options that apply to the item.

When you are presented with a multi-select question, carefully read the problem scenario, the question, and any additional instructions to be sure you know what the question is actually asking. Instead of immediately reading through the response options, decide how you would answer the question if you were ...

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