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This chapter focuses on the multiple-choice items of the Board of Certification (BOC) athletic trainer examination. These questions are taken from the five performance domains of athletic training identified by the Practice Analysis (Table 4-1). Strategies for approaching the stand-alone alternative items are discussed in Chapter 5.

TABLE 4-1.Distribution of Multiple-Choice Questions by Domain Identified by the BOC, Inc. Practice Analysis (7th Ed.)


Each multiple-choice question on the BOC examination consists of a stem and four or five answer options. The stem presents the basic idea, or premise, of the question. Of the possible answer options, only one is the correct answer; the others are incorrect and are called distractors.

You will encounter four types of multiple-choice questions designed to measure your ability to recall, apply, analyze, and synthesize information. These four types of questions can be placed on a continuum whereby recall questions are the most basic, clinical application and analysis questions require an increased level of thought, and synthesis questions require the highest levels of processing.

Recall Questions

Recall questions test your basic content knowledge and require only that you remember facts, definitions, rules, and so on. Some key words that might indicate that the question is a recall question include define, describe, identify, label, list, order, outline, recognize, recall, and select. Look at the following examples.

Identify the muscle responsible for elbow flexion and forearm supination.

A. Triceps

B. Supinator

C. Biceps brachii

D. Anconeus

E. Brachioradialis

Option C is correct, as the biceps brachii is the only muscle that performs elbow flexion and forearm supination. This question tests your ability to recall basic anatomic function.

Of the following joints, select the one that is proximal to the knee.

A. Subtalar

B. Calcaneocuboid

C. Tarsometatarsal

D. Hip

E. Tibiofibular


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