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We thank all our professional mentors and role models, whose love of learning inspired us to contribute to the education of future professionals. We also thank all our colleagues and students at the College of Charleston for their support and encouragement throughout this project. Additionally, much appreciation to our three student research assistants—Kelli Adams, ATC; Sara Steckman, ATC; and Catie Vesper, ATC—who spent hours reviewing, editing, and researching examination questions. We are hopeful that reading and rereading all of those questions contributed to your success on the certification examination.

Finally, and most importantly, thanks and much love go to our families (CJ, Jamie, Tyler, Eric, and Kylie Grace), whose understanding and encouragement made it possible for us to transform an idea into reality not once, but twice.

Susan L. Rozzi, PhD, ATC, SCAT
Michelle G. Futrell, MA, ATC, SCAT

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