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Sometimes, the actual writing seems simple when compared with the behind-the-scenes effort to produce a textbook. We thank the following people for their editorial and production assistance: Quincy McDonald, publisher; Joanna E. Cain and Pamela Speh, developmental editors of Auctorial Pursuits, Inc., and Athens’ number one fan, photographer Jason Torres.

Monique Mokha, PhD, ATC, LAT was kind enough to again pen the Evaluation of Gait chapter, taking difficult laboratory concepts and contextualizing them in an easy-to-understand clinical format. Brady Tripp, PhD, ATC, LAT once again answered the call to assist us with the shoulder chapter, providing his expertise in scapular function and evaluation.

We would like to thank the many Ohio University and Boston University students and clinicians who volunteered their time to serve as models for the third and fourth editions. While the list of people involved in this process is too lengthy to include, we do need to recognize Frank Baker, Mary Wilson Connolly (YTB), Erica Dodge, Malcolm Ford, Nicole Ries, Nick Pfeifer, Dallin Tavoian, Taryn Pennington, Kristen Wells, and Amy Wyke for their time and effort. Many thanks are extended to Jessica Bennett for her organization in the scheduling and implementation of the (massive) photo shoot and surviving Chad’s grumpiness prior to the shoot. We also recognize our colleagues at Coolidge Corner Imaging and Boston Medical Center, especially Dr. Akira Murakami, who provided images of injuries and their patients who sustained them.

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