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We wish to thank our families and everyone that has believed in us from the beginning of this project. We owe deep gratitude to our students at Wilmington College who have given us inspiration and encouragement when the journey of writing this book looked so long and unattainable. The input and support of these students helped us complete this project.

We also wish to thank our colleagues who have written vignettes and provided advice and encouragement for our endeavor.

Wilmington College, Wilson Memorial Hospital, and Fairlawn High School deserve our gratitude for supporting our project throughout the process.

We would also like to express our sincere appreciation to Joanna Cain, Pamela Speh, and the editorial team at Auctorial Pursuits, Inc., that led us through this project with patience and encouragement. We also wish to thank F.A. Davis Publishers and their entire team for giving us this opportunity and helping us bring our vision to light.

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