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This chapter discusses the question types used in the focused testlets and as the stand-alone "alternative" items on the Board of Certification (BOC) entry-level athletic trainer certification examination. These questions may be presented in any of these formats:

  • Multiple choice

  • Multi-select

  • Drag and drop

  • Prompt and response

  • Hot spot

  • Animated simulation

Regardless of question type, all questions will be presented on the testing platform as described in Chapter 3. Each question has a stem and associated answer options. The item stem is the specific question to be answered and includes any instructions you may need to answer the item, such as "select all that apply." Some question types may provide additional information, such as directions for using toolbars, drop boxes, and your keyboard mouse. Questions in the focused testlets include a lead-in problem scenario. Note that the scenario text may change slightly through the five questions, based on events or situations that appeared in earlier questions. A detailed description of each question type is provided in Table 6-1.

TABLE 6-1Question Types


An important consideration when responding to the focused testlets and stand-alone alternative questions is how the questions will be ...

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