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1. In athletes, which factor is most likely to result in anemia?

A. An elevated hemoglobin level

B. Insufficient dietary iron intake

C. Loss of iron due to chronic heel strike

D. Red blood cell loss secondary to irritation of the lining of the urinary bladder

E. A vegetarian diet

2. An athlete has recently undergone a splenectomy. Which of the following functions are most impacted by this surgical procedure?

A. Ability to filter poisons out of the blood and produce mediators for blood clotting

B. Ability to filter toxins from the blood and regulate the body's electrolyte level

C. Ability to produce and destroy blood cells during systemic infection

D. Ability to produce estrogen and progesterone

E. Capacity to store vitamins A, E, and K and produce vitamin D

3. One of the most comprehensive approaches to sports injury research involves applying the principles of epidemiology. Which of the following best describes the science of epidemiology?

A. Study of the distribution of diseases, injuries, or other health states in human populations for the purpose of identifying and implementing measures to prevent their development and spread

B. Study of the efficacy of specific injury evaluation and treatment measures

C. Study of the distribution and injury exposure rates of humans participating in sports in diverse environmental settings

D. Study of individual sport risk factors and the impact of those factors on participation rates

E. Study of the prevention of the spread of disease in the physically active population

4. Identify the intrinsic factor that most likely influences the onset of athletic injuries.

A. Being a female high-school athlete

B. Practicing when the temperature is 85°F and the humidity is 85%

C. Running on a cross-country wooded trail

D. Using an inflatable bladder football helmet

E. Exercising during the early morning and evening hours

5. Osteoporosis is a condition that predominantly afflicts older women. Which of the ...

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