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We would like to thank a number of people who have helped us throughout the writing of this book. First, we need to thank Christa Fratantoro, Acquisitions Editor at F.A. Davis Company, for giving so much time and energy to this project. Christa was willing to listen to the original idea for this book and help us bring it to fruition. In addition, at F.A. Davis, Jennifer Pine worked diligently with us to get the information into a final format and worked with us through the entire publishing process.

We have had numerous people assist us with different parts of the book. Kim Melgarejo, PharmD., who worked with us as our pharmacist consultant throughout the writing. She was very helpful in making sure our drug nomenclature was correct, provided relevant suggestions for the chapters regarding specific drug information, and assisted with the creation of the drug reference guide.

Throughout the book, we had a number of guest authors assisting with writing part of or entire chapters. Those people include Mark Hoffman, ATC/R, PhD; John Robinson, MD; Michael Koester, ATC, MD; Brent Rich, ATC, MD; and Craig Graham, MD. We appreciate the time and effort of all these busy professionals in the writing of this book.

During the development and refinement phases of writing this book, a number of certified athletic trainers were employed as reviewers. Their input and suggestions were very helpful in finalizing each chapter. We would like to thank each of them for the time and effort they put into helping us produce this quality final product.

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