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This book is dedicated to two different groups of people.

First, my family who has given me so much with their unconditional love, patience, and understanding: Brenda, Dusty, Meesha, Bennie, & Nola who are my motivation in life. Second, to the many students who have inspired and encouraged me to be better every day of every year. Many of these students have gone on to professional careers in one of the allied health professions. A special thanks to Allan L., Mick K., Terry G., Mark S., Mark H., Robert N., Troy M., Morgan C., Rick P., Ken F., Tedd G., Ty D., Tim C., Inga V., Shahin G., Joe S., Heidi S., Joe R., Stephanie L., Jack P., Matt S., Yasuo, Kenji, Yutaka, Mika, Misai, Mo, Heidi H., Shawn G., SamIam, Eddie C., Chris B., Brian E., Phil E., Cari C., Gail T., Jeff B., Shawna B., and many other students who will attend the university to study and learn each new school year.

 Brent C. Mangus


I would like to thank Brent for providing me the opportunity to work on this project. Your knowledge, experience, and guidance allowed this task to be less troublesome than I anticipated. To my parents, Terry and Joyce, for their endless love and inspiration. To Kim, without your contributions, love and devotion, I would not have been able to complete this project. I would also like to thank the graduate athletic training class of 2005 for their assistance with the ancillary materials. Finally, a special thanks to Bill H., David B., Jack S., Kyle B.


 Michael G. Miller

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