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Upper Extremity

Upper Extremity Sling Application

Step 1: Slide sling over injured UE

Step 2: Wrap Velcro® strap around back & over contralateral shoulder

Step 3: Secure strap through D-ring

Optional technique: Apply a horizontal swathe to increase stabilization


Upper Extremity SAM Splint Application

Step 1: Shape the SAM splint into the general contour of the body part to be splinted

Step 2: Position the SAM splint on the injured body part & contour as able

Step 3: Secure the SAM splint with an Ace wrap or Velcro® straps

Optional technique: SAM splint can be doubled over on itself to increase the strength of the splint


Upper Extremity Compression Wrap

Step 1: Position UE as desired; begin distally & apply wrap in a spiral pattern from distal to proximal

Step 2: Overlap each layer by ½ the width of wrap

Step 3: Secure the wrap proximally with tape, clips, or Velcro®


Shoulder Spica Wrap

Step 1: Anchor wrap on mid-humerus & circle proximally toward shoulder

Step 2: Cross diagonally across chest, under contralateral axilla, around back to shoulder

Step 3: Encircle the upper arm & back across the chest; continue to alternate between arm & chest; end on upper arm

Step 4: Optional technique: Use 2" elastic tape to complete 1–2 cycles over the Ace wrap



Strapping for Glenohumeral Subluxation

Step 1: Apply an elastic anchor strip to mid-humerus & several elastic horizontal strips around chest (be sure to cover nipple with gauze or felt)

Step 2: Apply a figure-8 with 3" elastic tape around arm & thorax, twisting tape as it passes under axilla

Step 3: Wrap twisted elastic tape in axillary region with tape to secure check rein



A-C Support

Step 1: Apply an anchor strip to mid-humerus & several horizontal strips to chest with nipple covered with gauze or felt

Step 2: Apply a rigid foam pad over A/C joint & compress with several strips of elastic tape from anterior chest, anchor to posterior chest anchor; elastic strips can be reinforced with white tape prn

Step 3: Apply several strips in a fanlike pattern from A/C joint to mid-humeral anchor; re-anchor




Elbow Hyperextension Strapping

Step 1: Apply 2 anchors around mid-humerus ...

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