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Source: From Barankin B & Freiman A, (2006).

Angioma (Cherry Angioma)

Description: Dome-shaped (0.5–5.0 mm), cherry-red bump; benign vascular growth that appears primarily on the trunk; may bleed profusely if disrupted; may increase in number & size with age

Etiology: Unknown

Rx: Biopsy prn


Source: From Barankin, B & Freiman A (2006).

Atopic Dermatitis

Description: Excoriated, erythematous, scaly patches that itch; found on head, face, & extensor surfaces of infants, flexor surfaces of children, & hands of adults

Etiology: Cutaneous immune dysfunction with strong family hx; may be triggered by sweat, contact sensitivity, infection, anxiety

Rx: Remove irritant, wash with mild soap (Dove®), topical HCC


Source: From Barankin B & Freiman A (2006).

Basal Cell Carcinoma

Description: Most common form of skin cancer; nonhealing papule or nodule with rolled border & central crust or ulceration that bleeds; occurs on head or face; waxy appearance

Etiology: Chronic UV exposure, genetics, immunosuppression

Rx: Cryotherapy, excision


Source: From Barankin B & Freiman A (2006).

Black Heel

Description: Black discoloration of the posterior aspect of the heel

Etiology: Trauma-induced hematoma due to quick starts & stops that result in damage to blood vessels

Rx: No immediate care is needed; may explore properly fitting shoes

Candidiasis (Oral = Thrush)

Description: Initially painful, pruritic, red rash that progresses to fissuring & maceration.

Etiology: Yeast infection 2° immunosuppression, DM, HIV, AIDS, prolonged antibiotic or corticosteroid use, heat & friction

Rx: Antifungal agent


Source: From Barankin B & Freiman A (2006).


Description: Local pitting edema, erythema, skin has a "glossy" & "stretched" appearance, warm to touch, & tender; fever; joint stiffness; mm aches

Etiology: Strep or Staph infection associated with local trauma, abrasion, or insect bite; postsurgical

Rx: Antibiotics; cellulitis of the face requires prompt medical attention; athletes with cellulitis should not participate until condition resolves


Source: From Barankin B & Freiman A (2006).

Contact Dermatitis

Description: Reaction may vary from mild redness to open sores; red, edematous rash with itching

Etiology: Inflammatory reaction to a toxin

Rx: Identify & remove irritant; moisturize, topical corticosteroid


Source: From Barankin B & Freiman A (2006).



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