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  • Chapter 1: Introduction to Psychosocial Aspects of Athletic Training

    • Seth

    • Collegiate football athlete

    • Anterior cruciate ligament sprain with surgical repair

  • Chapter 2: Sociocultural Aspects of Injury and Injury Response

    • Petra Majdic

    • Olympic cross-country skier from Slovenia

    • Significant pain from skiing accident

  • Chapter 3: Psychosocial Antecedents to Injury

    • Susan

    • Collegiate softball athlete

    • Return to sport following successful anterior cruciate ligament rehabilitation

  • Chapter 4: Emotional Responses to Injury

    • Maryn

    • High school basketball athlete

    • Anterior cruciate ligament sprain, lateral meniscal tear, osteochondral defect

  • Chapter 5: Communication and Athlete Education Skills for the Athletic Trainer

    • Mike

    • Collegiate lacrosse athlete

    • Labral tear

  • Chapter 6: Identification of Psychosocial Distress and Referral

    • Amelia

    • Collegiate volleyball athlete

    • Ankle sprain

  • Chapter 7: Introduction and Overview of Pain

    • Jayda

    • Collegiate soccer athlete

    • Residual lower leg pain following compartment syndrome release and tibia-fibula fracture

  • Chapter 8: Psychosocial Aspects of Rehabilitation

    • José

    • High school cross-country athlete

    • Iliotibial band pain

  • Chapter 9: Social Support and the Athletic Trainer

    • Kate

    • Collegiate soccer athlete

    • Anterior cruciate ligament sprain

  • Chapter 10: Psychosocial Strategies: Effectiveness and Application

    • 'A'amakua

    • Collegiate football athlete

    • Multiple injuries

  • Chapter 11: Psychosocial Aspects of Return to Participation

    • Harper

    • Collegiate soccer athlete

    • Multiple injuries

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