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I would like to first acknowledge Quincy McDonald. I am grateful that he gave me this opportunity. His vision and encouragement have been greatly appreciated.

Gary O’Brien has been a remarkable help in getting this project completed. This project has sputtered and temporarily stalled at times. His behind-thescenes efforts have been critical for keeping the project moving forward. His ability to recruit contributors was a great relief. He graciously handled the details that can drive me nuts.

This book was written for two audiences, and I am expert on only one of these. So thanks go to Brian Schilling for joining this project. His perspective has been a great help in keeping the book aligned with the needs of exercise science. He has also been helpful in challenging some of my perspectives and allowing us to produce a more refined product.

Finally, I want to thank our contributors: Scott Ross, Greg Heath, and Chris Harnish. It is difficult to be expert on all topics. Lending their expertise to the book has greatly enhanced the final product.

 Brent L. Arnold

I’d like to thank Lawrence W. Weiss, EdD, who is always a trusted advisor for professional endeavors, not the least of which was taking on this book project.

 Brian K. Schilling

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