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This book is dedicated to three important groups of people: my mentors, my colleagues, and my students.

A work of this nature is not solely the author’s work but is a compilation of all the individual people who helped guide him or her.

To that end I would first like to thank my key mentors:

Kip Smith (Indiana University), John Schrader (Indiana University), Gary

Delforge (University of Arizona), Bruce Gansneder (University of Virginia), and Dave Perrin (University of Virginia).

In particular I want to thank Dave Perrin for his efforts in helping me build my career and the many hours of mentoring he gave me.

Careers are not built without the help of friends and colleagues.

While there are many and I am grateful for them all, I am especially grateful to Carl Mattacola, Thomas Kaminski, and Kevin Guskiewicz.

Their friendship and comradery have been and remain an important part of what I do.

Finally, thanks to all of my students.

I especially want to thank my graduate students.

These are the people who have formed the foundation of my academic efforts.

Thanks to them for keeping me thinking.

  Brent L. Arnold

I would like to dedicate this book to my wife, Leslie, who has whole-heartedly supported me in my career. Her empathy and kindness astound me, and I would be truly lost without her.

  Brian K. Schilling

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