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We thank many individuals for their valuable contributions to this textbook. A book of this magnitude cannot be produced without the collective efforts of a talented group of professionals.

We are privileged to have had so many knowledgeable and dedicated chapter contributors. We are indebted to them for sharing their expertise and creativity in helping us realize our vision of developing a science-based, yet application-oriented textbook. We extend our sincere thanks to our development editor, Nancy J. Peterson, who played a critical role behind the scenes in helping keep us focused and on schedule in a very professional manner. Our supporters at F.A. Davis Company’s Health Professions/Medicine division included Quincy McDonald, Publisher, George Lang, Director of Content Development, and Liz Schaeffer, Developmental Editor/Electronic Products Coordinator.

A very special thanks is extended to Daniel J. Green and Sabrena Merrill, MS, for their assistance with various aspects of the writing, reviewing, and editing tasks related to this massive project.

The illustrations and photographs in an exercise physiology textbook are critical for many reasons, the most important of which is to help students understand key—and sometimes complicated—concepts. It takes a keen understanding of the content and a creative mind to translate those concepts into ideas for artwork to be rendered by professional illustrators. Jeff Janot, PhD, ACSM-CES, and Lance Dalleck, PhD, ACSM-RCEP, deserve special mention and recognition for their invaluable assistance in helping to develop the art program for this textbook. In addition to contributing chapters to the textbook, they spent countless hours reviewing content and contributors’ art ideas, generating their own ideas, creating graphs from research data, and pulling everything together into a cohesive art program. We are immensely grateful for their contribution.

Special thanks also go to the individuals who assisted with the photo shoot for this textbook. Our photographer, Jason Torres of J. Torres Photography, was patient and enthusiastic as he applied his artistic eye to the job. Jessica Yeager and Jessie Bradley helped with coordination and served as models. Pete McCall, MA, and Mark Kelly, PhD, served as subject-matter experts. Other models included Sarah Chambers, Zach Clayton, Michael Davis, Makeba Edwards, Robin Floyd, Chris Gagliardi, Nancy Garcia, Alex Link, Tyler Pagano, Belinda Thompson, and Stacy Wong.

Over the course of an individual’s career, many people contribute to the development of one’s theories, knowledge, and expertise. We have continued to learn from our former professors and past and current students and colleagues who have helped shape and challenge our thoughts and perspectives.

Finally, words cannot express our gratitude and appreciation to our friends and family for their support and understanding in affording us the necessary time to devote to this project.

John P. Porcari, PhD
Cedric X. Bryant, PhD
Fabio Comana, MS, MA

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