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Keith would like to bestow his sincere love and appreciation to his wife, Betsy, and his children, Erin and Tyler. They were a main source of encouragement and support through the entire research and writing process. Keith would also like to thank the entire faculty, staff, and students in the Athletic Training Department at Duquesne University for their support over the last 8 years.

Rob would like to thank his mother; his wife, Peggy; his children, Jason, Jordan, and Shannon; and his entire family for the support they have given him. Rob would also like to thank the staff and volunteers at Tri-Community South, EMS for the education and mentoring they provided to him over his 17 years there.

Francis would like to thank Christine and Zoe for their love and support. He would also like to thank the paramedics and EMTs of Ross West View and Penn State EMS who are not only colleagues but also friends. We’ve been through tough situations and they only made us stronger.

Matt would like to gratefully acknowledge Susie Kenney for her support and assistance throughout the most difficult parts of this long project. Her many hours of work helped make this book possible. He would also like to thank Melanie Weiser and Doug Cantaoi for their assistance arranging for and being part of the photographs in Chapter 12.

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