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I am grateful to all of the people who provided input and support as this book evolved through five editions. I must once again thank Barbara MacDermott Costa, Linda D. Crane, John F. Decker, Susan S. Glenney, Gary Gorniak, Mark Greve, Helen Wruble Hakim, Sandra B. Levine, Donald L. Merrill, Grace Minerbo, Peter Panus, Jeffrey Rothman, and Steven R. Tippett. Their expert advice when reviewing previous editions of this book has proven invaluable in laying the foundation for the current edition.

As always, the staff at F. A. Davis Company has been incredibly supportive in the development of this edition. I would like to especially thank Melissa Duffield, senior acquisitions editor, for her advice and encouragement while I was working on this project. Thanks also to production manager, Bob Butler; director of art and design, Carolyn O'Brien; and everyone else at F.A. Davis who helped bring this book to completion. I am likewise extremely grateful to Dean DeChambeau, who was the developmental editor on this project. Dean's suggestions, ideas, and careful attention to detail will undoubtedly make this a stronger and more clinically relevant text.

Finally, Steve Wolf has served as editor of the CPR series since its inception, and I remain indebted to him for his wisdom and support over the years. Likewise, all the students and clinicians I have worked with have unknowingly contributed to this book by asking good questions and reminding me how drug therapy is related to clinical practice. Their dedication to clinical practice is outstanding, and I hope I can repay their efforts with a book that is interesting, useful, and relevant.

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