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I am extremely grateful for the efforts of others who made this book possible. In particular, I need to thank Judith Hopfer Deglin and April Hazard Vallerand, who are the authors of Davis's Drug Guide for Nurses. Their outstanding resource served as the basis for much of the material in Davis's Drug Guide for Rehabilitation Professionals, and it would have been impossible to create a guide for physical therapists without drawing heavily on the wealth of information compiled by Drs. Deglin and Vallerand. I am also grateful for the feedback and excellent suggestions provided by Steven Tippet, Stephen Carp, Ellen Wruble, LeeAnne Carrothers, Andrew Priest, Thomas Freeland, Sam Pierce, David Morrisette, Dina Brooks, Michael Moran, and Leonard Elbaum, who reviewed the early versions of the material in this book. Finally, I am indebted to the F.A. Davis staff, especially Melissa Duffield, Margaret Biblis, George Lang, Elizabeth Stepchin, Jennifer Ajello, Stephanie Kelly, and Rob Allen. They were instrumental in bringing this project to completion, and I appreciate their commitment to providing useful resources that can enhance physical therapist practice.

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